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That last post begs the question: Is it possible to make a large exploration map type of game in a futuristic setting? I mean, exploring outer space, but also having the actual worlds be large maps.

The only game I can think of right now that explored this is Ripto’s Rage or Year of the Dragon (in terms of theory, anyway). Each side-map is just as large and important as the main map. In fact, the side maps are more important, since they contain most of the enemies and prizes. But the main map had the merits of being a semi-linear railroad with the biggest prizes and one important battle.

So, how about a space exploration game in which you actually explore space? Fly to planets in the first person, with a navigation system which will report nearby landing stations and unexplored planets. Each station and/or planet is also a large area to explore and complete. But outer space itself is also a level. It would be something of a wilderness, with bandits to fight, asteroids to avoid, and secrets to unlock.

I watched Pewdiepie play Slender games all night. This was definitely a good idea. I don’t know what it is, but Haunted House games really take me out of reality. I forget my problems and just have a good time being scared.

Plus, Pewdiepie’s just cool.

I should play a game I can really dive into to forget about life, like Skyrim. I wish I had more games like this. Maybe some that take place in space.

I’m not going to watch Gravity Falls right now. If it’s tied to my memories of sequential art students, I’ll never like it for what it is.

Watching Spirited Away away from the influence of popular opinion really let me choose for myself whether I liked it or not, and allowed me to understand why I dislike the movie. Cars was the same way; most people seem to see no point in Cars’s story, but I love it to death.

Knowing I can like or dislike something out of my own opinion instead of influenced by others makes me feel peaceful with myself.

I hate the sequential art students at my school. They make me sad to be interested in the same things.

No amount of explaining can really sum up the way they treat me, and the way they act as a whole. I’ll try a lot, though. Watch my posts be about their hive mentality all day.

I love school, but God knows I’ve had enough of it. I’m not even learning anymore. I just want to get it over with once and for all.

Clearly everybody has already read my mind and knows what I think before the words come out of my mouth.

Not sure if my sister likes me as a person or just pretends because we’re “supposed to love each other” or something.

That’s rude of me to think, isn’t it? I shouldn’t be assuming what she thinks. But I get ignored so often, sometimes I take her silence to be the same thing. Sometimes.

I always worry about everything. My biggest worry is usually if I’m loud, rude, or annoying. Nobody gives me solid feedback. I just don’t know.

I’m a very loyal and caring friend, which I think is my problem. I get too attached to people. Then they come to hate me. I must be annoying or something.

Friendship causes a sense of false security. You think they’re there for you, then the second you need them most, they have homework.